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The Puppets at Eshraka center

Puppets brings out our creativity and unagination children are fascinated by puppets and interact strongly with them .. puppets are a delight for them .

Puppets are always moved by human beings , not by mechanical means . these movable figures in different shapes and sizes , and by using different voices and sound effects, puppets could be used as a form of art therapy. Kids through puppets can be able to express their feelings in a safe environment and fun . Watching puppet's show encourage the kid's concentration , and through lots of human interaction with fun , kids learn the different messages sent to them through the puppets

At Eshraka , puppets are considered one of our tools to reach the kids to overcome their shyness and to learn to easily communicate with others this interaction is so different from watching t.v shows & cartoons Kids express their feelings easily through using the puppets .

For about 20 years , I've been helping people's bodies to heal through my work in my pharmacy and the medical hospitals laboratories . Now I believe that I'm creatively helping people to heal their minds , bodies , hearts , and souls through arts , crafts , self awareness courses , meditation , and some energy work techniques.