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Personal Development Program

Academic Background

*Basic skills: Interpersonal skills
Level 1 : self awareness.
Character building.
Level 2: personal development skills.
- Communication
- Organization skills

Level One
Interpersonal Skills
Self Awareness
Character Building

Level Two
Personal Development Skills
- Module One: Communication Skills
- Module Two Organizational Skills

Advanced personall skills :
*leader ship skills
*Thinking skills
*Emotion skills

Level Three
Leadership is the highest of all arts. It is the art of enabling the unblocking of human potential. It is communicating to people their worth & potential so clearly that they come to see it in themselves.

Personal Skills
Leadership Skills
Thinking Skills
Emotional Skills

Course Overview
In a world of increasing demands and challenges, the coming generations need to be well prepared with a set of tools to face life and become effective members of society.
In order to succeed academically as well as socially, one needs to acknowledge the fact that one needs to enhance skills and sharpen minds. Everyone needs to be aware of who he/she is and where he/she is going as well as how to get there. Since the only constant in life is change; therefore the faster one learns to accept one's strengths and cope with shortcomings; the better quality one's life will be.
Course objective
To set learners on the right track for life.
Who should attend? Course Curriculum:
Self Awareness Character building Communication Skills Organizational skills Leadership Skills: Thinking Skills: Emotional Skills: What will you learn? Attendants of the course will be Course Design
During the course which is conducted by one or more of our expert trainers, you will recognize that it is not just an ordinary theoretical course but it is a practical one full of: Duration
Total course duration 65 hours: 26 sessions, two and a half hours each and three sessions for final assessment
Delivery Methods
- At Eshraka's venue
- In House courses (at school campus)

Location: Egypt
Language: Available in Arabic & English

Courses at Eshraka Center : 6 - 12
In House courses : up to 20 students
We need people who can think for themselves, personnel who can take initiative under pressure and "be the solution" to existing problems.
we need people who can build trust & get along with one another and solve complex challenges in teams without much supervision.
For teachers, caretakers and administrators, this approach is taught inside out

Principles of our programs:
  1. Taking personal responsibility & initiative.
  2. setting goals.
  3. Putting priorities ,getting disciplined.
  4. Seeking mutual benefits in all interactions with others.
  5. understand others .
*what are the benefits of personal development courses ? Eshraka courses help children learn life skills and gain self confidence by: Academic Background

For about 20 years , I've been helping people's bodies to heal through my work in my pharmacy and the medical hospitals laboratories . Now I believe that I'm creatively helping people to heal their minds , bodies , hearts , and souls through arts , crafts , self awareness courses , meditation , and some energy work techniques.