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Bee project At A Glance

What is Bee?( Behavioral - Educational – Entertaining)

Bee project is an educational entertaining and behavioral program making a meaningful difference in the lives of children in Egypt by addressing their critical developmental needs.

* What we Do? the program is committed to the principle that all children deserve a chance to learn and grow ; to be prepared for life challenges and soft skills ; to better understand the world.

* How we do it? - combining education with art - using crafts and questionnaire. -having fun through puppets show and plays.

*Our program : 1- 6 workshops ,once week for one day. 2- 7th week fun day.

*Duration time : a-puppets show 30--- 45 min b- crafts 1 hr ----- 1.5 hour c- Games , 30 mins.

*Target groups: Kids from 4 years ------------- 8 years.

*Reservation : Tel : 03/ 5477977 Mob : 0182890399 Address : 9, Ibrahim Sherif St, Kiroseiz , build # c2 8th floor, Mustafa kamel, Alex , Egypt.

For about 20 years , I've been helping people's bodies to heal through my work in my pharmacy and the medical hospitals laboratories . Now I believe that I'm creatively helping people to heal their minds , bodies , hearts , and souls through arts , crafts , self awareness courses , meditation , and some energy work techniques.