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Cooking at Eshraka center

Cooking Is an art

The art of cooking
Learning to cook has great benefits all through your life.
You 'll be able to choose which style of cooking you enjoy & feel the joy of sharing with your family members & friends

Cooking could be easy, simple , healthy & cheaper to your pockets.
You can find recipes every where in books , t.v , Internet ----- etc .
But the human touch of love is the positive energy that you will get at Eshraka and you will get at Eshraka and you will learn to spread it every where .

Our cooking classes is a places to learn , socialize , exchange info & awaken your creativity .

For about 20 years , I've been helping people's bodies to heal through my work in my pharmacy and the medical hospitals laboratories . Now I believe that I'm creatively helping people to heal their minds , bodies , hearts , and souls through arts , crafts , self awareness courses , meditation , and some energy work techniques.