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Esharaka's Mission

To present & update knowledge, skills & attitudes necessary for successful responses to life challenges through an appreciation of inner strength & transforming weaknesses to advanced performances by providing self expression to students, teachers & parents in positive ways using all educational and self help tools that could be attained to step confidently into their future lives.

Esharaka's Vision

To become a well known accredited institution locally with the future potential for becoming an internationally recognized entity for developing life skills programs through teaching tools of arts, crafts and others to people of different ages and different walks of life. Furthermore, the ultimate goal is to implement these teachings in the Egyptian educational system.

Education of the Mind & Heart

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For about 20 years , I've been helping people's bodies to heal through my work in my pharmacy and the medical hospitals laboratories . Now I believe that I'm creatively helping people to heal their minds , bodies , hearts , and souls through arts , crafts , self awareness courses , meditation , and some energy work techniques.